Make Your Mark

Marketing for makers & artists.


Someone who gets it

As a knitter, amateur ceramicist, Etsy seller and seasoned marketer, I get it. Marketing your work can range anywhere on the emotional spectrum from 'not my favourite thing to do' to 'downright icky.' I help makers and artists promote their work and profile using storytelling and my years of public relations and digital marketing experience.


DIY Class: Market Yourself

Have the inclination, but not sure how to start? Terrified of adding your credit card to your social media ad account and hitting start? Not sure how to tell your story or manage your social media? Available in small group workshops or one-on-one lessons, I can teach you how to engage your audience using social media, tell your story authentically, and run and optimize listings and ads for your work using social media, the Google network, Etsy, and more.  


Keen to collaborate

Whether it's optimizing your product listings, running your digital ads, managing your social media, or writing up your press releases, I am happy to do the heavy (or light!) lifting when it comes to your marketing.   



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